How to Prove the Need for a Data Driven Recruitment Process

Help your manager to acknowledge the benefits of making data driven decisions

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Why should all organizations have a data driven recruitment process? Well, there are many reasons for that! The keyword is evaluation. With evaluation comes both individual and organizational abilities to improve.

Recruitment processes is most often, if not always, divided into several parts that candidates go through. At the end, when you have decided to hire or not to hire a candidate you probably will not know anything about their candidate experience. Without any measure of the candidate experience, it will be impossible for your organization to improve the recruitment process successfully. Therefore, your recruitment process needs to be data driven!

This article will help you to prove the beneficial outcomes that a data driven recruitment process will bring to your organization in order to show the importance of it to managers and other individuals at your work. Reading it will give you clear reasons for why all organizations need a data driven recruitment process.

What Does “Data Driven” Mean and Why Does It Matter?

A simple way to describe the term “data driven” is to say that it is something that is powered and managed by gathered data. A data driven recruitment process is therefore a recruitment process that is driven by candidate experience data.

Why does it matter to be data driven?

The answer is simple! Gathering data gives an organization the ability to make data driven decisions. These decisions are the most accurate and credible decisions that can be made since they are based on real-time feedback from candidates.

What do you think is best for your organization: making decisions based on feedback in the form of data from the candidates or making decisions based on your own assumptions of what your candidates think?

Once again an easy answer! Of course, a data based decision is preferable in order for your decision or implication to actually show positive results.

How to Prove the Need for a Data Driven Recruitment Process

As mentioned earlier most recruitment processes, if not all, are divided into several steps that the candidates go through. By gathering candidate experience data after each of these steps in the process will give an organization the ability to evaluate every step of the way. Evaluating the process increases the opportunity to improve it which in turn will boost the performance of the company as a whole.

1. Communicate Positive Organizational Impact

The first step in proving the need of a data driven recruitment process is to focus on the positive organizational impacts that it will have. Taking this approach will picture a wide view of the possible improvements. It could be done by demonstrating how the company can use data for greater insights about the recruitment process and how this can be used to make data driven improvements which should increase the ROI in the long run.

2. Identify Current Situation to Show Impact of Future Changes

Besides the bigger organizational benefits of a data driven HR, it is also important to highlight that by identifying the current situation it is possible to show the impact of future changes in the process. If a company manage to identify the current situation and have proactive recruiters that report potential problems as well as improvements will help HR-managers to keep track of the pros and cons in the process.

3. Data Driven Recruitment Process = Positive Candidate Experience

Last but not least, a data driven recruitment process in an organization that make data driven decisions will result in a positive candidate experience as well as increasing the CNPS and turning the candidates into promoters!

Tips and Reminders for Proving the Need of a Data Driven Recruitment Process

  • Point out the importance of evaluation
  • Show how evaluation gives your recruitment process ability to improve
  • Highlight the organizational benefits in order for your manager to see the wider view
  • Highlight how knowledge is the key for improvements
  • Show how a data driven process can enhance the work of HR managers
  • Make sure that it is clear that data driven decisions will create positive candidate experiences

Data driven recruitment processes comes with many possibilities for a company to improve the process, the candidate experience, and organizational performance. The most central part of a data driven process is the ability to evaluate real time data. Measuring and evaluating feedback from candidates through a data driven process gives an organization accurate data of the pros and cons of their recruitment process. In order to make your manager understand the need of working data driven, you should put primary focus on the actual organizational benefits. By creating an understanding for the wide picture you can then present the more specific improvements that a data driven process result in for the employees and candidates.

Using our tips and reminders you will prove the need for being data driven and ultimately turn your candidates into promoters!

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