This chart shows how many candidates apply to job applications using mobile devices

How Many Candidates Apply for Jobs Using Their Mobiles?

Hint: 39,75% rise for mobile applications

Plus: Do we need to start adjusting our job application process and key components of a mobile job application process?

Since we started to measure the candidate experience in 2017 we have seen a huge shift in what devices candidates use to apply for jobs. A mobile-ready job application process has become a key component to create a good candidate experience. When we measure the number of mobile job applications our definition is that the actual click of submitting the application has been done on mobile or tablet.

In the first 6 months 2017 the number of mobile applications was 9.0% of the total candidates that applied using their mobile which rose to 11.0% for the last 6 months of 2017. In 2018 that same number went up to 12.1% of total applications but for the last 6 months of 2018 it really sky-rocketed up to 17.3%!

This implies that for each period the rise was on average 39.75%.

Definition of a mobile-ready job application process:

  • To start with, both mobile and tablet is included in mobile-ready
  • The submitting of the application is done from start-to-end on mobile or tablet. No creating your account or uploading your resume/cover letter on the computer. All has to be done on mobile/tablet
  • Data from this needs to be collected in a systematical and statistical manner. You need to ask all the candidates and in the same way. No combining of Google Analytics and manually asking or only ask manually those who attend interviews

Do we need to start adjusting our job application process?

Still, don’t know if it is important to adjust for a mobile-ready application process in order to have a good candidate experience? Then just so you know, in this tempo, the part of mobile applications will be over 50% by the end of 2020.

This chart shows how many candidates apply to job applications using mobile devices

The key components of a mobile-ready job application process

There are many different components to take into consideration when creating a mobile-ready job application process. Not all components are important for you, keep reading and I will explain more in detail.

  1. Always show the same information.

    Do not hide information on mobile devices, this is not the solution. All candidates, whether they apply on mobile or computer, shall have the same information.

  2. The same process must be applied

    So that you publish jobs to mobile and computer devices at the same time with the same process.

  3. Do not forget media input.

    When someone clicks apply with LinkedIn, upload a picture of yourself, attach document etc. These sites must also be mobile-ready.

  4. Pictures must be responsive.

    Often nowadays you have pictures of your office space, colleagues, office dog or anything else relevant. Think this through! Not all pictures of you and your 60 colleagues on one photo brings value when it gets a smaller size for smaller screens.

Interested in reading more about suggested actions to create a mobile-ready application process? Click here to read about our Step by step guide: How to create a mobile-ready job application process.

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