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Just recently we hired a guy that worked 2,5 years as a manager in the incredible world of Apple. He worked for one of the premium partners of Apple and told me a bit about what metrics Apple use and what one metric is the most important. Directly I could see how his experiences from Apple and my experiences from Trustcruit can help every HR department to strengthen their employer brand

The general use of metrics at Apple

To start with, I was a bit blown away about how far the use of metrics goes at Apple and how it is implemented and used on a weekly, almost daily, basis. I will try not to focus on the full picture here, I will focus on the most important metric at Apple and I will also tell you his best pieces of advice that will help every HR department improve their recruitment process, get better at interviewing, strengthen their employer brand and get a solid structure to improve every colleague working with recruitment.

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Net Promoter Score: The one metric to rule them all!

Everyone that has been working in the Apple world probably knows this already but customer satisfaction, through the use of Net Promoter Score, is measured for every salesperson selling Apple products.

At every store, they talk weekly about NPS. Every salesperson is constantly aware that they measure customer satisfaction and this creates a certain culture for the people working there.

Measuring NPS for every salesperson isn´t something they suggest. It is something they demand from all their stores, Apple flagged or premium partners all the same. They also have their standard system they use for this, to measure and collect NPS and feedback from customers so that they back in California can overview every salesperson.

Crazy? Maybe for some it might seem like it.

This is how measuring NPS at Apple effects the salespeople:

  1. they get inspired to (on their own) learn more about the Apple products
  2. they read and learn how to get a high NPS and also more satisfied customers
  3. they discuss with colleagues and help each other, how they can get more happy customers
  4. they get individual coaching that will help them improve what’s needed to improve

We daily tell HR people about the positive effect of measuring candidate NPS (read my earlier article on What is CNPS?) which would be the comparison to measuring NPS at Apple. Every day we collect thousands of CNPS scores for our customers worldwide which helps them get a quality feedback from candidates and a powerful tool to strengthen your employer brand and develop individual recruiters.

With the comparison from the Apple world and with all the customers worldwide that we have at Trustcruit, I can tell you that measuring CNPS will bring great value to your recruiters and a powerful tool to your HR department to improve the employer brand in the same way that it does for Apple.

With that in mind, I assure you that following his best pieces of advice, will have positive effects for your employer brand.

This is his best pieces of advice for HR

1. “Identify the CNPS per individual recruiter”

Many HR departments don’t collect feedback from their candidates, at all. Take your first step and put together a form which you manually construct with questions, or use a tool like Trustcruit that has standardized this and helps you systematically in real time collect this feedback.

Just knowing which recruiters perform well at what parts are going to be your most powerful tool to strengthen your employer brand! This will instantly give you a map over every recruiter and the possibility to start with his second advice. First advice is, to get started collecting this feedback from your candidates 🙂

2. “Coach each individual based on their individual performance”

Now you have the possibility to spot each individual recruiters CNPS (quality score) and if you use a standardized tool for this then you have follow-up questions that have research based correlations with the CNPS. This implies that improving these specific things, e.g booking interviews in a reasonable time (some recruiters perform very well here, others don’t) will be like magic. Your CNPS and employer brand will go up 😎

3. “Praise and coach recruiters that perform average”

Recruiters that perform between average and good, coach them to get to the top! This will, in the end, build a promoter creating recruitment process machine.

4. “Challenge the best performing recruiters to get better, to keep motivation up”

The best performing recruiters, they need challenges to stay at the top and keep improving. Stimulate this and they will get an even higher CNPS.


Not many HR departments measure quality metrics like the CNPS, for individual recruiters. The first advice is to start doing this and then coaching recruiters individually, praise the ones that perform average to good and challenge the best ones. Doing this in a standardized way, using a tool like Trustcruit will get you jumpstarted in just days.

As always I am more than happy to discuss recruiting and the possibilities with CNPS further so feel free to hook up with me on Linkedin here or send me an email: 👋

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