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Mobile Job Applications Are the Future

Look at this data 📊

Maybe not the bravest statement but this data will prove the importance and hopefully shift your focus and starting to work with improving the mobile job application process.

In one of my former posts I have written about the fact that when applying with mobile, candidates experience 71% more technical issues than applying using their computer (read that post here). In this post I will tell you why mobile applications are so important to improve and unfold the data 📊 from 100 000+ candidates behind this statement.

Mobile job applications are the future: simply because the candidates says so 📣

I will be the first to admit that this is no breaking news, the fact that candidates to a higher degree than possible today, wants to apply using their mobiles. Although I haven’t found any data on this earlier so I’ll present the 100 000+ candidates data I have. So from now on will be a true fact-based statement 😇.

Mobile barchart applications
Barchart showing those that apply mobile and those that wants to. — Data source:

It’s quite obvious. 12,51% do apply using mobile today, but those that would have wanted to are much higher 👆👆 reaching 40,01%! I cannot stress enough how important this information is for all of you working with improving recruitment processes! This also touches the areas of employer branding, candidate journeys, candidate experience and your candidate NPS (hope you measure this or else I’d be happy to help you (for free) to start measuring this so important metric for recruiting)!

What can I do to improve this and what will it give back to me?

If employer branding follows my definition that:

Your employer brand is what people are saying about your company, when you’re not around.

Then you have for a fact something you know will be mentioned about you. You don’t have to go crazy here and totally drop the CV. Make this as simple as:

  • Start measuring this and establish your starting metric
  • Work with improving the process for mobile job applications 💪
  • Continuously keep measuring this metric, improve again, change this and that, tweak, try new ways, try new tools, put pressure on your ATS and so on.
  • Repeat above until you get this metric to a point that you stand out! 🌟

With my experience working years with improving the candidate experience and focusing on these kind of data-driven improvements a can guarantee (yes, I guarantee) that this will have positive effect on; your employer brand, your candidate experience metrics and foremost your candidate NPS.

As always I am more than happy to discuss recruiting and the challenges further so feel free to hook up with me on Linkedin here or send me an email: 👋

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