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We fix everything, so you can gear up.

Trustcruit gives you access to critical information so you can improve your recruiting process. With feedback from your candidates you get metrics of how good you are at recruiting, and insights of what you need to improve to create a better candidate experience in all parts of your recruiting. And we do all the work.

Collect feedback

We collect and present the feedback and insights for you to improve your recruiting process after your candidate’s expectations. You get direct insights, both positive and negative. 40% of the candidates gives feedback with our optimized automatic tool for collecting feedback.

Analyze and improve

Trustcruit gains insight for you to compare your candidates rating and reviews to an industry standard. With an average rating you can evaluate your results from all parts of the recruiting process, both internally and to the Trustcruit industry standard.


Thanks to our integration strategy the proess is fully automated. You do not have to spend any time at all to manage the collection of data. Also, the integration makes it very easy to collect feedback from diffrent steps in the process.


Trustcruit is fully automated tool for collecting feedback from your candidates, throughout the whole recruiting process. This is useful in several ways.



Continuessly monitor the feedback you get to detect problems fast.



The feedback is a valuble resource in any improvment activitys.



Measure over time to see what impact your changes have had.



Build a database of feedback to get an overview of the candidates satisfaction over time.



How do you perform compared to the industry standard? Or how does your diffrent departments compare to each other?


We answered the most frequently asked questions.
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Can everyone use Trustcruit?

If your organization uses a recruiting tool or some kind of administration of candidates. Then yes.

What about handling personal details?

We don’t save any personal details, so that is never a problem.

Will our candidates perceive this as irritating or spam?

No. Rather the opposite! Our experience is that the candidates welcomes Trustcruit as this makes them feel that you are listening to their opinion. One evidence of that is that more than half of the candidates submits feedback.

Why should we use Trustcruit?

Trustcruit collects feedback from your candidates about how they experience your people and organization, in the recruiting process. We will help you get better at recruiting through gaining insights into what your candidates think about you.