What is Trustcruit?

(for new Trustcruit users)

Trustcruit is a fully automated candidate feedback survey and AI analytics tool that measures candidate experience and satisfaction during all steps of the recruitment process.

How will Trustcruit help me?

  • To get feedback and improve your own performance with the help of data.
  • Pinpoint what you need to improve and prioritize
  • To get more satisfied and high-quality candidates
  • Get a proof of quality for your work

How is candidate feedback collected?

  1. Feedback surveys are automatically sent out by email after a candidate has either applied, been to interview 1, interview 2-3, been rejected, rejected after an interview, hired, or onboarded. View your organization’s feedback surveys/forms
  2. The email sent to candidates includes your company’s logo including customizable text and tags from your ATS as e.g. job ad title so the candidate knows what position they give feedback for. And of course a link to a feedback survey.
  3. Collected feedback will instantly show up in the Trustcruit dashboard.

How can I analyze candidate feedback?

  • The collected feedback appears in the Trustcruit dashboard where it can then be both segmented and filtered on recruiters, job ad titles, hiring manager, and more ways based on tags in your ATS.

  • You can easily benchmark performance internally between e.g. recruiters and departments or externally to Trustcruit’s global benchmarks, and break down data on industry and company size levels.

  • With the use of AI, it’s possible to directly see what parts of the recruitment process your company or segment performs badly and good at so one directly can spot a problem and take the actions needed.

  • To personalize how feedback is presented, it’s possible to create Boards and present the feedback in tables, graphs, and as single values. Boards are also possible to send out as one-time email reports or let people subscribe to weekly, monthly or annual reports. In other words an emailed PDF version of a Board.

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