What is Candidate Net Promoter Score (CNPS)?

Understand how to strengthen your employer brand – CNPS a core metric for the candidate experience

Use your CNPS (Candidate Net Promoter Score) as the key measure of your candidate’s overall perception of your employer brand after they have gone through your recruitment process. Plus, use the Trustcruit follow up questions to get the answers to how you can improve the candidate experience in your organization.

The question we ask every candidate is: Based on your experiences this far, how likely is it that you would recommend a friend to apply for a job here? The score candidates submit ranges from 0-10 where 0 = Not likely and 10 = Very likely. The CNPS score ranges from -100 up to +100. Generally, everything >0 is good and everything >50 is excellent.

How should I interpret the scores from 0-10?

Score 9-10 Promoters (loyal candidates that would refer you to other people)

Score 7-8 Neutral (satisfied but not enthusiastic candidates. Would possibly go to another company)

Score 0-6 Detractors (dissatisfied candidates that will speak negatively about your company)

What answers do we provide by asking follow-up questions?

Score 9-10 What do promoters (the loyal enthusiasts who will refer others, fueling growth) love about you?

Score 7-8 What do the candidates that leave you as passives (are satisfied but unenthusiastic candidates who are vulnerable to competitive offerings) need from you to convert into promoters?

Score 0-6 What do detractors (unhappy candidates who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth) feel that you need to improve?

How do we calculate your CNPS?

Trustcruit systematically measures your CNPS in real time and using Trustcruit to collect CNPS you can compare your CNPS score with other companies CNPS score. This is specifically important because CNPS is a comparison metric. The importance of CNPS is how you perform compared to others, not what score you have. Higher CNPS than your competitors states that you have a stronger employer brand than your competitors and a better candidate experience.

To calculate CNPS you need to take the percentage that answered 9-10 (promoters) minus the percentage that answered 0-6 (detractors).


75% of all candidates answered 9-10

25% of all candidates answered 0-6

Your CNPS score is: 75 – 25 = +50

Want to learn even more about CNPS? Read our full guide about the key metric.

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