What is Candidate net promoter score (CNPS)?

Understand how to strengthen your attraction - cNPS a core metric for the candidate experience

Use your cNPS (Candidate net promoter score) as the key measure of your candidate’s overall perception of your brand after they have gone through your recruiting process, and use the follow up questions to get the answers to how you can improve the candidate experience in your organization.

What answers do we provide you with by asking follow up questions?

Score 9-10 What do promoters (the loyal enthusiasts who will refer others, fueling growth) love about you?

Score 7-8 What do the candidates that leave you as passives (are satisfied but unenthusiastic candidates who are vulnerable to competitive offerings) need from you to convert into promoters?

Score 1-6 What do detractors (unhappy candidates who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth) feel that you need to improve?